A small course that packs a big punch!

As an Archspecialist you can:

  • Important principles from neurology and how they relate to fascial therapy
  • How to increase stamina and speed
  • How to improve balance
  • How to improve vision and the reflex between balance, posture, and vision.
  • How to improve agility, the range of motion and flexibility
  • Dissolve fascial adhesions and restore sliding between the fascial layers
  • Increase range of motion in seconds
  • Improve motor output signal to any muscle
  • Increase your client's autonomic nervous system´s ability to self-regulate inflammation and recovery from exercise more effectively
  • How to increase stress tolerance and capacity to handle stress
  • How to make your athlete less susceptible to injury and burn-out
  • What to do about low back, knee, hip, thigh, shoulder and neck problems.

Learn how to work with fascia through neurological and biological principles and techniques for fast
and lasting results.
Increase motor output signal strength, the range of motion and recovery time.
Make your athlete stronger, faster, more neurologically and kinetically skilled with easy-to-perform
techniques based on the latest neuroscience. Learn how to help your athlete recover faster by
harnessing the parasympathetic branch and how to mitigate DOMS

If you want to learn how you can harness the power of the brain and the nervous system to facilitate
tissue regeneration, pain therapy and increased athletic performance, this is the course for you.
Learn how to use the percussor and laser to lower pain, increase performance, release tension,
improve posture, lower inflammation, speed up an injury and wound healing, dissolve fascial adhesions, restore buoyancy and sliding to the fascial tissues and increase the range of motion.

Learn what the hidden culprits of poor performance and chronic pain problems are in our modern
society and how to effectively deal with them.
You will experience instant and testable results and you will be able to implement the principles,
techniques and technology instantly into your current practice.

If you want to learn how you can harness the power of the brain and the nervous system to facilitate
tissue regeneration and increased athletic performance, this is the course for you.

We offer a system for training the parts of our brain and nervous system that is often neglected or
weakened because of the modern lifestyle. This results in increased performance, stamina, strength
and agility.

Learn how to apply leading-edge science and technology to work with every system in the body,
including the fascial network, with brain-based principles and techniques using;

- Applied Neurology
- Percussor
- Low-level laser

Our system works fast and consistently  produces life-changing results and performance

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Essentials An overview of the Archmethod® - introduction course

Level 1- Archmethod® - without machine support with the focus on applied neurology, pain systems, and antigravity technics.

Level 2- Level 1 plus use of Low-level Laser and Basic laser protocols

Level 3-
Level 2 plus use of Percussor® - a tool for fascia adjustment

​​​​​​​Level 4-
Level 3 plus diagnosis protocol, and complex combinations, brain protocol and diseases.

ArchSpecialist- All of above and at least a year of practicing of Artchmethod®

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